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The Pearly Gate

    The Pearly Gate

    The Pearly Gate – 36″ x 40″ – reclaimed materials – 2014 – $670

    This is a playful piece, which was labor-intensive but fun to make.  It is almost entirely made of recycled and reclaimed materials.  It began with an old chain-link gate, which got spray-painted white.  The paper “pearls” are made from strips of an old Japanese advertising poster, rolled up to make beads, and they are chained together with paper-clips, salvaged from a corporate file-shredding event.  The infinity knot in the center is made from two pieces of oxygen tubing, one filled with kosher salt, the other with himalayan salt.  Crystal drops from an old chandelier are hung with paper-clip wire, as are the shiny diamond shapes cut from old computer CDs.  Also suspended the same way are cast paper medallions, which are made from toilet tissue; from the centers of large commercial rolls that get changed out before they run out completely.  The patterns of the cast paper were made with molds of old buttons.

    If you click on the image above, you should be able to see a larger version, and here is a detail:

    The Pearly Gate - detail

    The Pearly Gate – detail

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