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About Janet

Meet Janet

My name is Janet Strickler, and I am an artist living and working in Longmont Colorado.  My parents were a chemist who grew up in India, and a fiber artist who grew up in the Midwest, and I absorbed much from each of them that influences my art.  We also did math problems at the dinner table at our house, and many of my pieces have geometric and mathematic elements to them.  I work in many different media, making whatever appeals to me, and hoping that it might appeal to you, too.  Many of the pieces here are for sale; please feel free to email me via the contact page for more information.

I have also been the Artist in Residence at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Longmont for over a decade, where I make a piece of art for each liturgical season each year, and write something about the meaning of the season or my thoughts as I was making the piece.  Many of those pieces can be viewed on the Liturgical Art section of this site.

There’s not always a clear line between my secular and sacred art, since I tend to look at all of life as a window to the Divine, so some pieces might appear in several places.  In all my art, I am fond of using recycled and reclaimed materials, and I often make art out of things that weren’t “supposed” to be art supplies!  My husband jokes that when I die, my tombstone will say “I could make art out of this!” because I say that about so many things, some of which other people might discard.