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Chalk meets wall

Chalk Wall Mandala

Chalk Wall Mandala – 74″ x 74″ – chalk on wall – 2012

The week before my 50th birthday, I had a friend who is a house-painter paint this wall of my dining room with teal chalkboard paint.  I spent the morning of my birthday drawing this mandala with chalk.  I did not use any measuring device except my hands.

Next time I erase the wall and draw a new mandala, I plan to film it in time-lapse, so I’ll be able to post a video shown how it starts at the center and grows outward.



Pushpa – 24″ x 24″ – wall texture, watercolor , on recycled flooring – 2013 – private collection

Pushpa is the sanskrit word for “flower.”  This piece was made for my brother’s house, to provide a focal point for a little room with a peculiar sponged-on paint job.  The substrate is several pieces of salvaged flooring, fitted and glued together, which are covered with wall-texturing plaster.  Watercolor paint is brushed over the plaster, then the design is inscribed through the color with a sharp tool; a technique that is referred to in ceramics as sgraffito.

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