Play-Shops are half-day art experience classes, at my comfortable home studio.  They’re called Play-Shops and not workshops because rather than teaching you how to make some exact piece of art, they are meant to be exploratory and experiential (and nobody but me has to do any work!)  Each month, I pick a material or technique, demonstrate some of the things that could be done with it, and then turn you loose to play with it yourself.  Materials are always included in the price, so you never have to spend money buying something you don’t know if you’ll like using.  I teach the same class on Saturday and Monday, to fit into people’s different schedules.

Cost for all Play-Shops is $25, and no art experience is necessary!

Up-coming Play-Shops

Contact Janet at to register.

Playing with Solvent 

Saturday July 8th or Monday July 10th,      9:45 – 12:30

We did this a couple years ago, and everybody had a blast!  Use non-toxic citrus solvent and magazine photos to make gorgeous papers.  This Play-Shop will be outside, in the shade on my patio, as it can be gloriously messy!