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    FireFlower – silk flower petals, glue, on board – 36″ x 36″

    This exuberant piece is based on the tradition in India of making rangoli, beautiful geometric patterns created on the ground for special festivals.  Sometimes they are made with colored chalk or rice powder, but often with flower petals.  It was surprisingly challenging to make.  I make various kinds of mandala patterns often, and feel like I ought to be able to do it with my eyes closed, but I realized that I usually start in the center and work my way out, and things just fall into place without a lot of planning ahead.  But because of the way the petals overlap, this piece had to be made from the outside in, and I had to think several steps ahead.  I was also limited by the components of the flowers I had, and how many of each petal there were.  But it was also very fun to make, and it’s fun to look at!

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