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Foundations of the Earth

    Foundations of the Earth

    Foundations of the Earth – 24″ x 24′ – hand-painted, dyed, altered, and eco-printed papers, dyed linen thread, on roofing paper.


    This piece was intended to be quite different than the way it turned out.  I wanted to make a piece to fit in this frame, with the pattern stitched with thread across a solid-color texture background.  I made a big sheet of lovely teal-colored texture with melted duplicator paper, and when it was finished, the paint peeled off one section right in the middle.  Darn!  So I looked around my studio for something else I could stitch over, and ended up making these concentric circles with many different pieces of hand-painted, dyed, marbled, and altered paper.  The linen thread started out brilliant white, which was too stark against the colors, so I dyed it a pale golden color, then stitched the pattern with the outer points arranged around an octagon.  It is one of my favorite pieces I’ve made this year, and was very popular with visitors to the 2016 Longmont Studio Tour.

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